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Adaptoid Usage Help


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I recently purchased a Wishtech Adaptoid that went up on ebay and I've installed a Windows XP 32-bit virtual machine to work with it, at this point I was wondering if anyone knew where the actual setting for Adaptoid was in NRage(since I can't only use 1 controller, I need the other one to be emulated).

I noticed in the FAQ for PJ64 it says:
Is there any way to get a microphone to work? e.g. for Hey You! Pikachu!
No, there is no way to connect a microphone to PJ64 currently. Neither are real N64 mics through the Adaptoid supported AFAIK.

In that case, does anyone have any idea how I can go about using this Adaptoid to test Hey You, Pikachu! inputs?

I've got it plugged in, control has been passed to the VM and it installed the driver, I then used the Adaptoid software to install the true driver, but even the Adaptoid plugin isn't seeing the VRU, is there any way to get this to work? :(
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