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Adaptoid problem

The Khan Artist

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OK, I got my Adaptoid from Martin a few days ago, and a InterAct SuperPad 64 today, and I was rather excited. I downloaded and installed the Adaptoid 2.01 drivers and plugged it all in. Loaded 1964 and configured N-Rage's plugin to use the Adaptoid as controller 2. Then I sat down with my brother for a nice game of Super Smash Brothers.

Well, controller 2 works beautifully. However, controller 1, my keyboard, doesn't work at all unless I disable controller 2. This only happens with controller 2 as the Adaptoid - if it is set as my Sidewinder gamepad, it works fine.

Also, I get this - even with a memcard plugged into the controller.


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Not sure about why it doesn't get detected however tried using the adaptiod as controller #1 and keyboard / gamepad as #2?
The Khan Artist

The Khan Artist

Warrior for God
OK, reinstalling the drivers fixed the no Adaptoids detected problem, and setting Adaptoid as P1/keyboard as P2 works in N-Rage's plugin, so I'll chalk it down as a bug in the plugin.

I have no idea where to start looking for this bug in the code. :p


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works fine here 4 player
using play.com dual psx pads for player 1+2 (with f-feedback)
player 3 on an adaptiod (with rumble pak)
and player 4 on a cheap 6 button gamepad

using n-rage v-2