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I was rereading the "Lord of the Rings" again and was woundering is Bilbo gay?

In 111 years the only people he has around are Gandalf, Frodo, some dwarves and elfs. Any thoughts on this?


Leap of Faith
Let's pretend for a moment that the books and movies are one of those Magic 8 Balls shall we?

"My sources say YES!"


I think so ! Well , if you are "prisoned" 111 years together only with men , do you have ANY choice except of, well, you know ? Well i think no... or maybe he wanks all the time ? Someone should ask tolkien about this :D


evil *******
I know this is something that could be said about most things said around here, but seriously, get a life, it's a fictional movie, considering the era especially, I doubt tolkien gave any thought to it at all, anyhow...
/me slaps icepir8 around with asspir8