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A little help here please.


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First: thanks for all ^^.
My problem is "simple", everytime I run a game Chankast recognizes it as a CD music.
I already readed FAQ:
Q: Every time I try to run a game Chankast recognizes it as a music CD or thinks that there isn't a CD in the drive, why?
A: This can be caused by the following things:
1: You're trying to run an original Dreamcast disk (GD-ROM). These disks are not supported by the emulator.
2: You're trying to run a game using the "XXX CD-ROM Interface" on Windows 2K. This Interface is not supported in Windows 2K so you MUST use the ASPI CD-ROM Interface when using Chankast on Windows 2K.
3: You're trying to run a non-selfbootable disk. Either use a tool to make your game selfbootable or use the Utopia boot disk.
4: You have selected the wrong drive from the drive configuration of the emulator. Run the emulator, go to "Options"->"Configure Drive" and select the drive where the game is.

BUT, this doesnt work...
What I'm doing: I'm using daemon Tools, i'm on windows XP, I tried chaning pluggins (CD-Rom Interface XXX or ASPI), I tried changin cable type, tried to redownload the same game from another link... I don't know what to do now.

I need help, please D:.

By the way, I'm spanish so, sry for my bad english (spanish forum doesnt work -.-)


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Cable type doesn't anything to do with making discs that appear as a "Music CD" boot properly.

Your problem may be due to:

1. A bad disc image
2. Daemon Tools doesn't do it's work properly (a documented fact in versions other 3.29, IIRC)
3. Chankast failing miserably at what it's supposed to do

Try the same image in other better emulators; it's not like you have a choice. Demul and nullDC have been doing things far better than Chankast ever could for years.


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Thanks, then i'm going to search for Demul 'cause nullDC doesn't work -.-
I'm very unlucky.

Thanks again.


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I dont know, when I run it I can see only the start of the dreamcast. (Not animated, freezed).
Don't worry Agozer : ) I found finaly what I wanted for PC without any emu.

Thx again.