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A few questions


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I am newbie in this DCemu thing,can you please explain it to me?
I have Dreamemu,but i have no plugins,where can i download new versions and plugins?
And how can i get games?(Iso's?)

Please explain it to me,10X


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I haven't ment to WHERE can i get roms,i asked what is the way?
Using original CD? downloading ROMS?
Not where!!!
And asking plugins and emulators ARE allowed,fix me if it is not right.
Dreamemu only plays homebrewed software, it cannot play
commercial games, it will take a long time before that happens.


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ok here we go :)

oki heres how it stands, well stood last time i checked.

º Dreamemu - Plays no commercial games however does run a few homebrew demos and a few emulators that have been ported to the dc, and the dc bios makes no difference to Dreamemu so dont go hunting for it, it makes no difference trust me.

º Dreamer - Nice fast dc emu, but its now so old that it has cob webs hanging off it. No use in bothering with it dude.

Go visit - http://dreamemu.emulation64.com to get Dreamemu, or if you wanna know how the new betas of it are going i sugguest asking BinoX, although i dont want to lay any more work on the poor bugger as hes a busy man ;)

Hope that helped.

*dammit, this pesky vBulletin board :)*
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