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64th Note 1.0 Beta 13 Released


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Category: <b>Nintendo 64</b><br><br>A new beta build of 64th Note the USF plugin for Winamp has been released. Here is the changes for 1.0 Beta 13.

* added alternate fade types (linear, log, cos)
* cleaned out unused options
* added "Track" field to USF Info window
* changed "Tagger" to "Tagged by"
* generally rearranged USF Info window

I don't like the empty space in the info window next to the track field, but I can't figure out a way to eliminate it. Track should be the first field in the window, so I can't just shove it in a corner.

Also, the three fade types discussed are now implemented and selectable in a combo box (which I just learned how to implement). cosine is the default at the moment, as it has won me over, but I'm still not sure it should be the default in the final version.

Something else I should mention: before release I intend to add a setting in the INI that specifies which version the settings are for, and if the version is different from the current version (or not set) the default settings will instead be written and used. This is to start everyone off with a clean slate after this beta test period has ended.


Bah, looking at the info window the spacing between fields is a bit uneven and this is irritating me. I don't consider myself much of a UI designer but I do like consitancy in my dialogs. So here's the fastest new version yet.

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