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3 Questions please.


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1st Problem:Resident Evil 4 disc 2(Europe/PAL)Loading 4ever....?(The game doesnt freeze.)Any idea to go ingame?


2nd Problem:Can i continue playing RE4 after finished RE4 disc1(USA/NTSC) by using RE4 disc2(Europe/PAL)?(Run on Real GameCube)

3rd Problem:I bought TV Card with Video output,Can i play GameCube/PS2/Xbox directly on my PC monitor.

Thanks U very much.


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1) Dolphin isn't finished. There are only two known games it can play right now. In otherwords you can't get RE4 ingame.

2) I don't know for sure. This should work, considering you had a gamecube which supports both regions (which I doubt you have). In otherwords, no it won't work. In the future it would most likely work on dolphin, but you'll have to wait for dolphin to be able to play it first. As it stands right now it's sort of irrelavent.

3) If you want to hook up your game systems a monitor you could do it using a tv tuner card or even a card with video input. Video output on the computers end is completely useless for this sort of function.

The best way to plug a game system into a monitor is to simply buy a vga converter for that game system. TV tuners and card with video in are more expensive and would require the use of a computer, where as just using a VGA convert allows you to plug directly into a monitor.