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1964 net play is confusing me...........


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I've never had a full game going yet, mostly because my friends with 1964 are havign the same problem.

this is regarding perfect dark specifically. i have 6 perfect dark roms on 1964's list. 2 european, one japanese, 3 american. Dunno why, got em all at once.

Anyways, online, me and my friends are having a problem creating a new game using these roms. The names in create new game are COMPLETELY different. And they do not appear to be the same vrsions as all of them have no saves or detect the expansion pack.

Someone explain?


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i do not believe you can play perfect dark on internet i tried on pj64 got the same problem its simplely not possible unless you save game before playing

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Erm, we have been testing PD with Mupen64k and yes, it plays flawlessly! You can basically follow my tutorial here: http://www.goldeneyeonline.com

Notes about PD, you need my save file. The save file on pj64 site isn't reliable and cause DS. You need a gig of ram. Never save any stats or game settings. If you do, you need to paste the game save again.

I did meet some guys online recently who claimed that PD is playable online with 1964. I'm skeptical and haven't seen them online again. So, Mupen is your best bet. To this point, we haven't had 3 players online. Having said that, we've done 2 player with 2,3,4,5,6 sims and the game runs fast. And no, it won't DS unless the user has a settings error.