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1964 1.2 (Unofficial)


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Category: <b>Nintendo 64</b><br><br>death--droid let us know at EmuTalk that a new release of 1964 1.2 (Unofficial) has been released:

Here is a summary of what has changed since i didnt really keep a clean change log, but you are however able to have a look yourself through
http://code.google.com/p/emu-1964/source/list from r107 backwards
1964 Core:

Remove uneeded sleeps
Clean up wingui code making it cleaner and hopefully work better
Remove uneeded plugin loading code
Add in RetroRalphs overclock ability
Remove Kailerra netplay, hopefully create our own in the future
Games that rely on using the time for night and day now work

1964 Input(N-rage's input plugin)

Modified the Xbox 360 controller code so it is more usable and you aren't forced to use the Xbox 360 controller for all players.

1964 Video(RiceVideo)

Cleaned up a lot of code
Remove all other combiners but the pixel shader for DirectX
Remove support for OpenGL, since it was starting to be heftly neglected within the source code and would be more beneficial if it was a seperate plugin like Rice Video Linux
Animated textures support
Loading background in games like Zelda Ocarina of time

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