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1964 0.99 Faq (Read this before posting a new thread)


Do make sure you copy the msvc* files from the 1964 folder to pj64's folder to make rice's plugin work.


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How do I get those plugins I downloaded to work? I have a problem with the Input Plugin included in 1964 v0.9.9; it keeps saying 'NO CONTROLLER' on all ROMs, no matter what I do. How do I substitute that input plugin for a different one?


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GoodMerging and 1964

Is there a way to get GoodMerged 7z files to work with 1964? I've tried associating z64, etc. files to 1964 but it doesn't seem to work. So far the only option I seem to have to is to extract the game I want to play to a temporary folder then run it.

Thanks a lot in advance


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Hey guys im new here and i have the 1964 emulator. But when ever i start up my no mercy...the video/picture is messed up. You cant see the faces and words to select matches, settings,etc. Is there a certain plug-in for that game?? If so can someone tell me?? Thanks.


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i have problems creating savegames: everytime i make a savegame and try to load it,it says savefile is incompatible with this version,what do i wrong?


im trying to run the legend of debug and every time i load it 1964 closes, can somebody help? and yes i do have it for PJ64 i need to run it on 1964


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Question 9


Q: Why do I get an "emulation exception" error for every game?

A: 1964 0.99 doesn't run on AMD K6-2 CPUs.

Better A

Your processor is not i686 architecture instruction compatible.
The compiler that created the emulator optimized it with i686 instructions and your processor is unable to understand it and will result in errors.
The AMD k6-2 CPUs were all i586 architecture.

If you know how to use a computer program compiler you could recompile the program from source with optimizations for i586 instead.


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I apologize if I'm out of line asking this question here. Give me a warning or something if I am. I use 1964, and I just got the Harvest Moon 64 ROM for it. I set my controls and everything so I can use my keyboard, but I'm having issues with the directional keys. Up and down work fine, but the left and right keys when pushed, either continually go left or right, like they're being held down or something. Which isn't happening. Do you have any suggestions for this?


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How do i force 4:3 on my 16:10 monitor in fullscreen mode with Rices video plugin?
i have my resolution set to 1024x768 but it defaults to wide screen when i go full screen


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I'm having a problem, the font size of the menu is so big the options don't fit in the window, i cant seem to change it to a smaller size, any help? i hate having to type blind
below is a screenshot of the window

Never Mind I managed to fix the problem by changing the font using XN Resource Editor, I'm saying this incase anyone else has the same problem
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Hello, i´dont speak english. I have troubles to play this game. Somebody ask me in spanish tha question of Donkey Kong ? Thanks