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1964 0.8.4 Cheat Q's ?


The Soul Reaving Gentleman
Before Posting any problems you are having using,adding General Cheats.
Please look in the Docs/Cheat Codes folder.
You will have a URL to the 1964 Cheats Web Site,This Message Board, Readme,Changes (with Cheats Supported List) & The 1964 Cheats FAQ.

Please read.

& to save any No Cheats Work at all posts.

before you even try to use cheats for your game,
you will need to get your Cheats settings right..

(This you will only ever have to do the once).

go into Edit & then click onto User Options &
On the Emulation Section of the Screen,

make sure the "Automatically run cheat codes"
is ticked Then do so & then press ok .

Now you are set to use cheats.

For a visual On this & many other processes visit 1964 Cheats

Thank You :)
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