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0wned by jesse :P


Plugin coder / Betatester
[20:59] * Lawrence_ ([email protected]) has joined #emutalk
[21:00] <Lawrence_> Blast Corps: Even with CF=3 and Audio Sync off, it still runs at only 1/2 speed with a lot of skipping
[21:01] <jes|> so
[21:01] * Alayna sets mode: +o jes|
[21:01] <jes|> get a real n64 and stop whining
[21:02] <jes|> fag
[21:02] * jes| sets mode: +b *!*@h000c41a0c9d9.ne.client2.attbi.com
[21:02] * Lawrence_ was kicked by blacken3d (Banned)
[21:02] <Falc|wifi> lol jesse


Note: Dear newbies :p, don't let this scare you of going to #emutalk on efnet. Just remember that when you ask a question you shouldn't expect an anwser instantly... just hang around on irc and ask your questions properly...
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At your service, dood!
*is scared to go to #emutalk now*.. wait why, i'm not a n00b, or am I? *runs before everyone finds out*