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    Super Marios Bros set controls not working.

    I've mapped my own controls for Jnes, Nestopia and FCEUX. None of three work with any Super Mario rom. I cant get any controls to work to start the game. I've hit every button on my 360 controller and keyboard buttons and I'm stuck on the menu screen. P.S (but probably not relevant) I've...
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    Getting Majora's Mask to true 16:9

    -Using version 2.1 I'm able to play Zelda Ocarina in true 16:9 with Jabo's Direct3D8 video plugin, so why can't i with Zelda M.M? It gives me letterboxes. What way can i force the game to go 16:9 without stretching the video?
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    General Audio Plugin Questions

    The in-game audio was never really a concern to me, I've always kept it at the default Jabo. Until recently, I really noticed how low the quality was when wearing headphones and run through my soundsystem. (N64 audio is what it is) Disregarding the settings offered and compatibility in sound...
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    Carrying Over Saves to Other Versions of PJ?

    I got....very....far in OoT and I ran into controller problems (another post) so I had to revert to an older version of PJ [from 2.1 to 1.6]. So, I moved all my saves of every ROM to the new 'Save' folder for 1.6 hoping they would all work. Except they didn't work at all. Despite my effort, is...
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    Super Smash Menus Issue

    Has anyone encountered the issue of menu selections going out of control? (the selector continually goes up or down on its own, therefore not letting me freely pick modes, stock..) I tried finding different rom versions and even tried dumping my cousin's roms from his cartridge. I don't really...
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    Xbox 360 AND PS3 controllers in multiplayer?

    I just wanted to know if I can use a 360 controller and a PS3 controller at the same time while playing any split screen-multiplayer game. I never actually played any multiplayer modes with anyone before, so I'm not sure how to choose a control layout. (if you could walk me through the setup...
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    Rice Plugin- not working

    I got the Rice plugin yesterday and I tested it out on a few games and I can say without a doubt: It does not work for me. Main reason I got it is for the hi res textures for a couple of ROMS... I tested it without any new tex packs just Vanila and i get black screens, it also crashes when I...
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    Project 64 Graphics: Small Sprites and Text

    Hello everyone, new to the forum here. I'm sure there is a solution to my problem and I'm sure its been posted before but I cant find anything specific: Is there anyway to fix or somehow replace small sprites in the background and foreground of games? e.g (flowers in the foreground, wheels on...