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    SSF 0.09 beta R2 Released

    Category: <b>Saturn</b><br><br>Crude machine translation of the changes: VDP2 revolution of the draw was fixed. Shuttle mouse support. When numeric window mode - Windows key and mouse cursor display ON / OFF. Creation of a sound at intervals of 1 / 2 the option was established. Expand the...
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    Ootake 1.52 Released

    Category: <b>Turbografx 16</b><br><br>1.52: - When using Ootake with "Non-Scanlined" screen-setting, at the display of frame-rate with "Info->Show FPS" menu, the bug that had not been occasionally displayed by the environment was corrected. - When switching to the FullScreen mode, the refresh...
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    B-EM 1.5 Released

    Category: <b>BBC Micro</b><br><br>• Acorn Z80 tube emulation • Various fixes to video and sound • New bandpass sound filter - recommended! (sounds very BBC-ish) • Fixed crash bug on exit :: B-EM Official Site
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    Atari++ 1.54 Released

    Category: <b>Atari</b><br><br>- Fixed the handling of the initial keystroke. - Added a curses (text-based) front-end. - GTIA artifacts now support various GTIA models. - GTIA supports now user-defined color maps. - The GUI can now be used entirely by the keyboard or the joystick, use the cursor...
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    Yabause 0.9.5 Released

    Category: <b>Saturn</b><br><br>68k: - Added 1010 and 1111 line emulator support. cd block: - Reworked bin/cue support. Reading should be a lot more accurate now on tracks 2 and greater. emulated bios: - Fixed a bug in BupGetDate year calculation. - Fixed a bug where interrupt mask wasn't being...
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    MESS 0.125 Released

    Category: <b>Multi System</b><br><br>New System Drivers Supported (in no particular order): - Bashkiria-2M (not fully operational) [Miodrag Milanovic] - BK 0010/0010.01 [Miodrag Milanovic] - Bondwell 2 (not working) [Tomas Karlsson] - COMX 35 (not working) [Curt Coder] - Dick Smith Super-80 with...
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    Ootake 1.5.0 Released

    Category: <b>Turbografx 16</b><br><br>Message from the author: + Please let me do a little an important talk for the game field. It is continuation of the story (Input Delay(Lag) problem) written last time. + The delay influences people who do not feel the delay, too. Even if you cannot feel...
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    Nestopia 1.39 Released

    Category: <b>NES</b><br><br>Shell Additions: • "Don't show again" checkbox in DIP switches popup window. • Soft-patching status in image info dialog. Shell Changes: • More descriptive error messages. • Refactoring. Shell Fixes: • Netplay file opening error leading to crash. • Recent files...
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    iDeaS Released

    Category: <b>Nintendo DS</b><br><br>Windows version special thanks to Soldus: • Fixed a bug in Bitmap OAMs. • Fixed a bug in Plugins Management. Linux version: • Added support for Drag&Drop. • Added support for command line. • Fixed a bug in MemoryView, now you can select,copy and modify. •...
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    Ootake 1.49 Released

    Category: <b>Turbografx 16</b><br><br>A message from the author: + This will be an important talk for the future of "PC Engine(TG16)" emulator. Please read though it is my not good English Language. + "Ootake" is not satisfied with "the game was able to be started". "The game can enjoy even...
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    MAME 0.125 Releases

    Category: <b>Arcade</b><br><br>MAME Full list of changes here. :: MAME Official Site MAME Plus! • [MESS] sync with 0.125 svn r2567 [Emuman] • fixed official mame inputport bug in sf2ce bootlegs [Creamymami] • fixed sfzch sprites [Creamymami] • [MAME] sync with 0.125 [YuiFAN] • updated...
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    clrmamepro 3.114a Released

    Category: <b>Arcade</b><br><br>• fixed: set selection crashes (also on profile load) • fixed: scanner checksum check was broken for unpacked sets • misc: missing required (not obsolete/ignored) nodumps will lead to a red profile :: clrmamepro Official Site
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    SSF 0.09 beta R1 Released

    Category: <b>Saturn</b><br><br>Crude machine translation of changes: Fixed processing CD player. SCSP slot to control fixed. SCU treatment to correct a timer. VDP2 SAIKURUPATANCHEKKU the process fixed. Fixed memory wait process. State data saved version has been changed. Saturn is in...
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    Ootake 1.48 Released

    Category: <b>Turbografx 16</b><br><br>1.48: - v1.47 had a miserable bug. The bug of the CPU(HuC6280) emulation (In "Motoroader", the screen display falls into disorder, etc.) was corrected. 1.47: - CPU(HuC6280) processing part was sped up. I think that processing lightened in some measure of a...
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    Hoxs64 Released

    Category: <b>Commodore 64</b><br><br>1) VIC fixes for bugs introduced in previous version. Some effects caused by a write to VIC $D016 mode control have been brought forward by 4 pixels. 2) The SID combined waves that use sawtooth will no longer respond to ring modulation as observed on a C64C...