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    Bit shifting: I must have missed something...

    Am stuck on my laptop with Ubuntu until I get my desktop motherboard replaced, and since Linux isn't too great in the gaming department I figured I'd do a little programming. I noticed one of my functions was producing some incorrect results though and finally tracked down the problem to...
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    Anybody else getting funky characters in Firefox 3?

    I've used FF3 off and on before today on several different systems, but today I decided to go for it and install the recent release candidate on my main PC. But it seems like any place that a non-ASCII character is used on a webpage, FF3 uses a funny hexadecimal character to represent it. (See...
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    Is the forum behaving strangely today or is it just me?

    I've seen an inordinate number of duplicate posts today, and every time I submit a post I get either a "This forum requires that you wait 15 seconds between posts. Please try again in 14 seconds." or a database error. In both cases the message posts, but it's strange. Anyone else notice this?
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    Any 4400 fans here?

    Hey guys I already posted this over at GE, but I thought I'd better post it here too, just to show what a hopeless fanatic I am. :)
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    Final Fantasy VII - Voices of the Lifestream

    I'm surprised nobody's mentioned this here yet, so I thought I might as well. I imagine just about everyone who's interested in this sort of thing has probably already heard about it, but just in case... It represents a pretty wide variety of genres and I think it's probably my favorite OC...
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    Noobs 'n' Newbs

    Just started playing StarCraft again today after a while of absolutely no online gaming. Of course, in about 9 of the 10 or so games I played, there was the ubiquitous noobie who always manages to foul up an otherwise perfect game. So, I decided I'd had enough, and decided to come here to calm...
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    Perhaps moving the high res texture forum?

    I've noticed that sometimes new users don't know to go there when they want information on high res textures. IMHO, a sub-forum of 1964 isn't the most intuitive place for it, since any N64 emulator that supports Rice's plugin (and soon Jabo's) will, by extension, support high res textures. (I...
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    12-year-old arrested for opening his Game Boy too soon

    Police arrest 12-year-old for opening Game Boy present early | TG Daily At first I thought this was totally uncalled for, but as long as they were just teaching the little thief a lesson I suppose it won't hurt. :D
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    More PS3 woes

    PS3 firmware update required out-of-box The only thing I don't understand is why 400,000 units won't be more than enough. :P
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    Four cores? Why mess around?

    Intel has a chip in the works that sports 80 FPU processors.
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    PS3 games could cost $84

    The good news is it's not an official announcement... yet.
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    Missed mouse clicks

    This problem has me thoroughly confused. I built myself a PC about three and a half months ago and ever since I started using it, I've had problems with mouse clicks (both left and right) occasionally not registering. Sometimes for a second or two, the mouse just won't click, which is very...
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    Dell laptops are on fire - seriously

    Sure hope this guy sprung for the extended warranty. :P
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    PS3 will ship with PS2 chips onboard Looks like it's gonna be one expensive system to manufacture until they develop a good PS2 emulator (not that it won't be afterwards).
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    Did I cover all the bases?

    Getting ready (probably) to order all the components for my new PC and I was hoping you guys could read over my list and see if I'm forgetting anything. I'll be using my current monitor, mouse, keyboard and speakers, so those are already covered, but it's the essentials that I'm worried about...