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    Majora's Mask HD Texture Pack

    About This is the official Majora's Mask WIP page. I am currently working on this project alone, so progress will be slow. I am hoping that there will be someone who is willing to help with this project because the game is so damn huge. Hope I have as much support that is needed to keep the...
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    Contribute to the CBFD retexture project...

    I'm looking for people who could help me out with this project. I do have some progress made already, but I need extra help due to the complexity of the game. Who wants to help? Here's my progress of the texture pack: Conker's Bad Fur Day Texture Pack
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    Conker's Bad Fur Day Retexure Project (Started and successful so far!)

    I'm retexturing Conker's Bad Fur Day, my favorite video game of all time. I've been complaining on how to fix some issues that I've been having and happily I found out the problems and yes they were resolved. I've made great progress on the multiplayer mode, Total War, and here's what I got...
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    Mudlord Video Plugin Conker Texture Question

    I'm retexturing Conker's Bad Fur day and was wondering why does the edited texture not show when I make them bigger. You see, Conker's Bad Fur Day uses small textures, like really small, and they stretch them. When I made them even a little bigger, it doesn't show the edited textures. When I...
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    Conker's Bad Fur Day Retexture Project

    Hello everyone! I'm a big fan of Conker's Bad Fur Day and I'm retexturing the game. Already I'm bumping into some problems though. I can create awesome textures but when I loaded the textures I get this look. Please help me. This problem has been stopping me from editing the game even further.