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    Where should I begin from?

    Hey! I doubt any of you still remember me, since i've left the emulation scene some 5 years ago. Anyhow! As a new coder studying informatics and telecommunications and having learnt C quite well, i've decided to start on programming my first emulator. This question is mainly addressed to the...
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    Wow, thanks!

    "Hello Tesla-Guy, We at would like to wish you a happy birthday today!" This is awesome 6 years since I vanished from the emulation scene, and the only happy birthday email i get is from emutalk :) I don't think anybody remembers me, i was 14 back then anyway, and I don't use this...
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    Extreme G XG2

    I would first like to congratulate the emu64 cheats staff for your excellent progress in cheats for n64 emulators. Using 1964 0.83c i tried to clear the fog in XG2 with the cheat. It did absolutely nothing. The fog wasn't cleared and the cheat was enabled when i restarted the game but the game...
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    Detonators XP = Suckanators XP ??

    Every time i select FSAA and try to run Black & White: Creature Isle, it freezes and reboots and when it starts windows it says that it was due to the gfx card
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    Anisotropic Filtering error

    Why is the anisotropic filtering option disabled in jabo's d3d1.4 video plugin options? Don't tell me that my gfx card doesn't support it :P Neway it's working fine on my bro's pc and he has a gf2mx...
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    Typos typos typos...

    <Slougi> get a thorougbred tesla Why do ppl make typos? Aren't your stupid fingers accurate enough? only typo i make is teh instead of the cauz of the 1337 fastness of my fingers. btw whoever finds out what slougi meant gets pj1.6 :P
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    Black & White Screens!

    Everyone post here your Black and White Creature and let's see whose is the best ;) (edit) Oops, forgot to say that: My creature is the mighty crocodile with the BrotherHood ring. The chicken (Tyke) was his apprentice, which was replaced when i beat it by his son (turtle)
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    GeForce 3 FSAA

    I used 4x FSAA then tried to run Black & White: Creature Isle. As soon as it loaded, when tried to start playing, it rebooted. Has anyone experienced this problem? Windows XP NVidia Detonators XP v28.31 or whatever the official ones are
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    Turok series pr0bs...

    As soon as i try to load any of the Turok games, the framerate starts at 60fps and drops to 1fps while nothing appears on screen. My roms are all (U)(!). Using Jabo's D3D 1.4, Jabo's audio plugin and SJR's N64 Virtual Pad
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    GeForce 4 price :(

    GeForce 4 Ti 4400 128MB DDR AGP TV OUT S-Video gf4 ti4400 ONLINE ORDER ONLY - e-GeForce4 Ti4400, 128MB DDR, DVI, Price: $ 226 Damn i got my GeForce 3 for $400 :( I hate NVidia :(
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    we really know how to piss off ppl ;)

    [19:22:11] *** Link-- is now known as c-a-n-d-y [19:22:25] *** x2f4u is now known as i-d-i-o-t [19:22:33] <h-e-l-l-o> don't steal my - idea!!!! [19:22:48] <c-a-n-d-y> c-a-n-d-y, man's best friend. [19:22:52] <i-d-i-o-t> h-e-l-l-o> s-t-f-u! :P [19:23:21] <h-e-l-l-o> s-h-u-t-u-p [19:23:39] ***...
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    Yoshi's Story

    Needs Video Plugin? I'd say it needs an emu ;) Just keep Enter pressed ;)
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    Hell make a damn evil smiley!

    I would really appreciate it if there was an evil smiley cauz i hate when it appears like this: >:)
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    Yeeppee the RPG thing is outa here

    OH YEA :) Everyone go and type your fav game :) (i hated RPG's anyway :))
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    1964 8.0?

    i thought it was 1964 0.8.0 schibo/rice fix thread title if so