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    Bye bye!

    Hey guys, I'd just like to say good-bye to EmuTalk and Emulation64 in general. I'll still be running and you can still catch me in IRC EFNet #magicinstall. There are several reasons why I've quit - not due to the reasons most people think. I've got other commitments now...
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    Redah and...

    ...Martin? :) j00ng lub [19:46] <@Redah> the grease probably just is in the bottom [19:46] <@Redah> if it's grinding the grease has to get around the balls lol, I swear, these are direct quotes... :D
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    Big Nintendo Annoucement

    Well, there are rumours that Nintendo are planning a BIG announcement this Christmas that could boost GC sales significantly... anyone hazard a guess to what it could be???? Currently we have... *Nintendo Purchases Namco *Pokémon Online *Dragon Quest 8 A GC Exclusive
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    MagicInstall C++ Development

    Please could everyone visit and leave your comments here or get in touch with me personally. Thanks!
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    ...I have decided to use an avatar that represents me fully, and gives me all the credit I deserve :) Well, here it is... I couldn't fit everything I wanted on it, so i've also got a 128x128 version aswell ! heh
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    Quite a Poll

    "[21:21] <@Rjx> I'm 16 dude, I think what you don't understand is that it's perfectly possible to get through being a teenager without jacking off" Who agrees? Is it possible for a guy to go throughout their teens without taking the dog out for a walk? This is the question because I couldn't...
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    Just a website martin brought to my attention, kinda cool :) check it out and post your hero!
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    1964 0.7.3 on MagicInstall

    I'd just like to announce that 1964 0.7.3 is available in MagicInstall format. (That is 0.7.2 + Patch for 0.7.3). The script is attached (you need MagicInstall - visit ). You can also download 0.7.2 and the patch for 0.7.3 as zip files at the 1964 website (...
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    AOM Alpha!

    Wahey, Got my Age of Mythology Alpha today and it's amazing! It beats the crap out of WC3 anyday! :)
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    Dear ol' Martin64

    [11:36] <Martin64> I'm not a php guru, more like a n00b Yes, again and again Martin puts himself down. I think we need to find him some professional help in confidence building. Who agrees?!
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    100th Post!

    Wahey, this is my 100th post. To celebrate, I've changed my avatar so that it is even more egotistical :) I've reached a milestone at ET, and soon enough, my post count will be '1337' :P
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    Date Format

    I am constantly confused with different date formats on the web and sites that never tell you which they are using. Which do you guys think is better? :) :) If like me you think the European one is more logical, maybe we can bug Martin enough to change it :)
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    Lol, Neonred a.k.a. Bifter, does it again!

    [12:40] <vampireuk> hehe [12:40] <Bifter> if i kep quiet [12:40] <Bifter> and didnt say much [12:40] <Bifter> coz like about a year ago [12:40] <@Sukh> lol, no you couldn't [12:40] <Bifter> when i arrived at martin64 [12:40] <vampireuk> but you doing that would frankly be a miracle ;) [12:40]...
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    Martin Nathell IRC Act 2002

    Martin Nathell IRC Act 2002 This act applies to the channel #Emulation64 on EFNet. This act comes into being after formerly being sworn in by the Martin Nathell Internet Relay Chat Government. Dieses Gesetz tritt nach seiner formalen Absegnung durch die Internet Relay Chat Regierung unter...
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    Rjx's and Redah's ass adventures

    [22:30] <Rjx> If you went camping and you got REALLY drunk with your friend and you [22:30] <Rjx> woke up the next morning with a condom stuck up your ass would you tell anybody? [22:31] <sk8bloke> lol [22:31] <@DuDe_> dude, do you expect us to help you? [22:31] <Rjx> well, would you? [22:31]...