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    Cannot download PJ64 2.1x, server keeps displaying "Illegal download attempt"

    Cannot download PJ64 2.1x, server keeps displaying "Illegal download attempt" Like it's a virus! Like the RIAA and MPAA hijacked the server. That bug just bit me!

    Heads up. Zelda: OOT has an issue with assume 32-bit enabled.

    The emulation crashes at the beginning, when Navi flies through a tunnel and takes a curve, when going to the Kokiri hut. Was OK after disabling assume 32-bit.

    Warning, the default self mod code handling for Zelda OOT appears wrong! (read below)

    All of a sudden, I couldn't go any further than Link's tree house in the Kokiri forest. I was already past this point, but decided to start over. The game would crash any time I attempted to leave Link's tree house! I was thinking the game crashes was because of an issue with the...

    Anyone having problems with Firefox 3 on Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex?

    It's taking forever to do anything on EmuTalk, it has been sitting at "Waiting for x..." and when I wanted to edit a post, when I clicked the edit button, Firefox gave me a box to download editpost.php! O.o That's the strangest thing I saw in a long time!

    On another person's PC, Internet Explorer 7 fails with Emutalk

    Today, Internet Explorer 7 keeps on displaying "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage." But, it's fine with Firefox and only occurred with Emutalk. Anyone else having this problem with Internet Explorer? Is this because of AVG 7.5x? AVG 7.5.476 is installed on that PC. In fact, I'm...

    Did Emutalk just go down?

    Earlier, it started being slow then it failed to connect. Did anyone else have the same problem?

    Is Glide64 dead?

    The Glide64 web site link is bad. I got error 404.

    What's the current state of 1964?

    I don't want to see 1964 die! There hasn't been an update to 1964 since 2003 or early 2004! Has 1964 been discontinued? I hope not, because even Project64 team is still kickin' along! Right when I thought that 1.5 would be the last version! I hope that 1964 isn't gonna go the route that...

    What happened to Earth Station 5 (P2P)

    I noticed that it's web site is no longer existant at and! I have been checking to see if that was a promising P2P network. Was Earth Station 5 shut down, even if likely not by the RIAA or MPAA?

    Help!! I'm looking for web sites with emulator gavesave files they existed before!

    Help!! I'm looking for web sites with emulator gamesave files they existed before! Because it's been a while now, I'm having a heard time finding web sites with emulation game save files. (including save states) I know that they existed before, because I got a game save for The Legend of...

    Has anyone been having this problem?

    Even when I cleared the browser cache, I still sometimes get the message below. I have to keep on clicking on the refresh link.

    0MG!!! [email protected]!!!

    Synaesthesia, the mental phenomenon of when people experience one sensation caused by another sensation.

    PC upgrading

    Which upgrade should I get by December? Asus A7N8X-E motherboard (nForce2 Ultra 400 with Soundstorm) Athlon XP-M (2500+ or 2600+) Flat panel monitor or 120 GB or more 7,200 8MB cache HDD

    Mozilla Firefox 1.0 final released!!!

    Mozilla Firefox 1.0 final was released today.

    Athlon XP T-bred 2400+ cooling

    Should I just jump to liquid cooling? I'm right now having major heat problems with my current setup. I wish I can get the load temperature no higher than 55C degrees!!! (Including when running good ol' Prime95).