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    Ur PC top 10:D

    mine's::D 1.Silent Hill 4:The Room 2.F.E.A.R 3.Silent Hill 3 4.Silent Hill 2 5.GTA San Andreas 6.NFS Most Wanted 7.Serious Sam II 8.Oniyusha 3 9.The Sims 2 10.Roller Coaster 3
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    Need for Speed Most Wanted on my Junk PC

    Even on my old machine it look so cool.....It must be looking great on high end PC....If u have one plz post ur screenshots here....:D I took some shots....:D
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    Silent Hill 5 for PS3/Xbox 360 confirmed

    Survival horror adventure genre always my favourite games.I've beaten 4 games already in its series(1-4).I still love it. I hope there r some dudes here love it too. What series do u like the most?
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    Cambodia the land of Temple Ruins.....

    There r more than 1000 temples here.;) Here are some pics.(All in Japanese and little English) Angkor Wat Banteay Srei Thommanon Takeo Taprohm Bantey Kdei Prasat Kravan Neak Pean East Mebon Pre Rup Phnom Bakheng Baksei Cham Krong Prasat Bei Bayon Terrace of Elephant Terrace of the leper king...
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    Virtua Quest Shots.

    Virtua Quest Shots.
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    Some Cool Shots :D

    Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse Shots.
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    3 Questions please.

    1st Problem:Resident Evil 4 disc 2(Europe/PAL)Loading 4ever....?(The game doesnt freeze.)Any idea to go ingame? 2nd Problem:Can i continue playing RE4 after finished RE4 disc1(USA/NTSC) by using RE4 disc2(Europe/PAL)?(Run on Real GameCube) 3rd Problem:I bought TV Card with Video output,Can i...
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    Homeland Shot.

    At least it can show the nice background.:D
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    Can I do this?Please Help Me.

    I always have a dream to translate Dolphin/Help File into my own languge. Is it possible? Thanks U very MUCH.
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    Alittle Update from Dolphin.

    For someone who dont know can check it here:
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    My Computer VS Nintendo GameCube.

    I still wonder 1 thing. My Cpu is 1.8Ghz. GameCube Cpu only 485Mhz. I think it is fast enough to emulate GameCube. Why it is slow? Because of Buggy Code? Or incomplete emulator? or sthelse.....? Thanks U very much.
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    Will this problem be solved?

    I try to run "Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse" and it doesnt boot but show this.......I wonder if it can be fixed in the future....Plz do not tell me to look compabtibility thread(i already did).Thanks U Guy.
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    What is the different between Homebrew and Commercial game?

    What is Homebrew? Tell me the different between Homebrew and Commercial game plz. Thanks U
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    One Question Please.....

    CoDeX,JinXD,Ckemu live in different countries..but how do the team work together.....? :paperbag:
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    WoW.....WoW Look at this.......

    PCSX2 is also progressing great...Look at huge improvement....I love the shots. New PCSX2 version will release soon!!!!!!!!!!!!