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    Public message to Hack

    Hi again fella, its been a while... Im kinda working again to do some things with the Mupen 64 core. My suggestion and i dont know what the ppl think about, is... do a small changelog on every version or change that you or anyone from the mupen 64 team touch. It only make things more clear and...
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    Some Linux Screenshots...

    Mario 64 ----------- No comments!
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    Suggestions - Bugs

    JUST THAT... Help Mupen64
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    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3

    It runs very very well (fast as thps 2 and 1)... But problems with menus!...
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    Is this Glide "error" normal?

    J|_|5T 7H4T!!!
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    Jabo Direct3D vs. Glide 64 (eVooDoo)

    Look the fog and the sides.... Jabo Direct3D 7 1.40 Glide 64 0.1 (with eVooDoo 3.0)