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    Better drivers for adaptor?

    Just to clarify, I tried searching the forum, and Google. The forums can have things for several different adaptors, and Google only gave me the first party drivers. But I've heard of better, third party drivers for some adaptors which are supposed to be better than the first party. So does...
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    "EMUTALK" viewed from the side could be "STALKER" heh
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    Other GameCube (Dolphin) input plugins?

    I've tried the three plugins that came with the Dolphin (Pad DirectX9, nJoy v0.2 by Falcon4ever and PadSimple) and I was surprised that none of them supported the GameCube controller's pressure-sensitive L and R buttons. Now, this isn't a major issue, but are there any plugins that will do this?
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    Input problem

    Now, this one has me stumped. It doesn't matter which plugin I use, whether I tell it to use a Gamepad or the keyboard, I just can't get Dolphin 1.02 to work. I get a game up and everything, I see its intro playing, I just can't make it think that I'm pressing any buttons. I don't know if this...
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    PJ64, fullscreen, and N-Rage

    I wasn't sure if this is the correct forum to post this in, if it isn't, kindly move it please. I put it in the PJ64 forum because someone who has some influence in the development of the emulator might do something. I use the N-Rage controller plugin mostly because it can use the mouse. The...