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    I'm back!

    Gee guys, I'm back. After a LONG break and ingoring you guys, I decided to jump back into the dashboard of my EmuTalk account, and start being active again. I'm fine myself, as nothing else has changed in my life except I got my own private laptop and some other things like a GameCube and some...
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    I'm back!

    Sorry 'bout the long wait, I've been so busy with my school work, that I've been getting massive headaches every night. Anyway, now I can relax and visit EmuTalk for a while. Would anyone like to send me there emulators for me to upload to my site? I know that Normmatt may want to, if you can...
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    I've started my own Emulator. v1.0.0 includes the DeSmuMe Core with added functions, hopefully the Game Card (NSMB should work) and Audio Support. All coded by me, NintenDS! I'll get a release done, but it'll take time since I've got School. :( So, what ya think? :plain:
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    NSMB Game Problems

    On DS this time. 1. How do you get to World 4 & World 7? Are they non-programmed in the game? 2. How do you get in the first World 2 Fortress, the last star coin? It's outta my reach! 3. Are there any cheats for NSMB? Thanks for helping me.
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    NintenDS´ NDeSmuMe Mario compatibility List

    Since I'm a Mario Fan, I'm test the mario games to provide feedback. I'm Currently Testing: Super Princess Peach (U) & (J) and hopefully (E) Super Mario 64 DS Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time (E) Tested Ones: Key: ERROR = Problem, ??? = Unknown, WORK = Working, BAD = Bad Rom New Super Mario...
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    These Emulators Rock!

    If all the DS emulator where built into one, their would be less waiting for releases and the DS Emulation over take the PSP Emulation Scene. Please tell me what you think.
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    Super Mario 3: Peace Conflicts

    Download Link: and Forums Link: Enjoy, Emutalk members.
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    [un typable] Exception Error!

    Explain, plz. Settings need changing? :( Please help.
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    Nintendo(R) Screen Error

    Ok, Dolphin is running MK: DD on my PC. The thing is that it's sort-a "stalled" on this screen: Video Plugin is set to interpet. Please help, I wanna play MKDD! =]
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    Mario Kart Double Dash!

    Hi, Mario Kart Double Dash doesn't work in dolwin, even that it says "Playable". :angry: Problem: On booting the ROM, it says: Core: 84.7 Mips: 9.8 Sound: 10.5 Video:0.0 (<--- That's the problem!!) input: 2.3 Memcard: 1.1 Can you help me? Any patches? Specs: Intel P4 1.7GHZ (1.9GHZ...