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    emuScene 2004

    emuDigest 2004 Let’s start, ok? I’ll take a quick look into not-so-distant past - year 2003. The year was famous for the first *cough*playable*cough* PS2 game, Sega Model 2 and decent Sega Saturn emulation (using GiriGiri, where legality is still a subject of discussion), real Atari Jaguar...
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    Emulation in 2003 - Year Review (Big and detailed)

    I haven't found general EMULATION discussion topic in forum so I post it here, sorry. I would like to mention most important (IMHO) events in emulation of 2004. I'm not mentioning most computer emulators, there were some nice things. Consoles and arcades... I would also like to hear "ROMs of...