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    Wanna improve ur frame rate with Project 64

    download this: This download is 46MB, but it's done wonders for the frame rate of my games. It's boosted the frame rate by at least 5 frames, for games which have been retextured. This...
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    Help Needed with Djipi's package...

    Hi there guys. I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me out of this sticky situation. Basically I installed Djipi's mod and I switched to OpenGL for better performance. I saw an instant improvement in frame rate which is what I was looking for but I have come up with a new problem...
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    Help Needed!

    Hi there guys! I want to buy a new processor for my computer, but I'm not sure which one to buy, as apparently it should match your motherboard. I'm not sure what type of motherboard I have, so how do I find out which one it is and buy a decent processor? Help would be greatly appreciated...
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    The Help Thread Part 2 :

    All right guys. I'm gettin kinda annoyed by people when they see a few pages in a thread in which Djipi or Federelli, or in fact any modder, hasn't replied to, and then they start to panic. Please stop this useless panicking unless you check everything out. For Example: Orkin hasn't posted...
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    Nintendo Revolution Controller Revealed!

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    Hi there guys!

    Hi there guys! I'm new here and I have got to say that I love all these MODs everyone is making! But this brings up a question to my mind.... With these new enhanced textures and graphics will my computer need better specs to run them than before? I'm a n00b here so please take it easy on me if...