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    Using Rumble Pak screws up joystick calibration

    I'm having this really annoying problem with the Rumble Pak. My controller is connected to my PC via Raphnet's N64/GC-to-USB v2 adapter, which supports the force feedback. The problem is that whenever I have the Rumble Pak enabled, it screws up my joystick calibration within a few seconds of...
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    Early bottle trick in Ocarina of Time crashes PJ64

    There's a trick in Ocarina of Time that was discovered a while back that allows you to get a bottle with a blue potion in your inventory by exploiting a glitch inside the Great Deku Tree. See this video: In version 1.2 of the game, if you get hit while grabbing Deku Nuts for the first time...
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    Help converting no$gba saves for DeSmuMe!

    I'm having trouble converting my no$gba save files to work on DeSmuMe. I tried using Unique Geeks' Save File Converter, but it simply doesn't work for 90% of my games. When I try to convert a RAW .sav file to a .dsv file and load it in DeSmuMe, it starts off with a blank file. In certain games...
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    Any way to fix the calibration for Skyward Sword?

    In my previous thread, I stated that Dolphin frequently loses Wiimote calibration for Skyward Sword, causing Link to slash all over the place. I thought there was no solution, but further examination of the Dolphin Wiki states: So I downloaded and installed the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack. My...
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    "GFX FIFO: Unknown Opcode"

    I seem to be running into a really annoying error message while playing Super Mario Galaxy. Whenever I go swimming, I get a "GFX FIFO: Unknown Opcode" error, stating that Dolphin may hang or crash. Usually it doesn't, but the message still appears every five seconds while underwater. I can...
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    Dolphin has extremely poor IR recognition

    I'm running into a universal problem with Wii games on Dolphin where I can barely get the IR recognition to work properly. I bought a wireless IR sensor bar, but my current Wiimote (and the previous third-party one I owned) has serious trouble detecting it. The result is that the cursor rarely...
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    Music often cuts out

    This is a recurring problem I notice in some games like Twilight Princess and Super Mario Galaxy where the music cuts out at random. Sometimes it only takes a few seconds after starting for the music to turn off permanently. How do I fix this?
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    Dolphin doesn't recognize nunchuck

    I just fired up my new PC and the first Wii game I wanted to try playing on it is Super Mario Galaxy. After connecting the Wiimote via Bluetooth and running the game, I get a message on the title screen saying "Connect [nunchuck] to Player 1's [Wiimote]". How come Dolphin recognizes the Wiimote...
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    More DK64 woes: Cheats unavailable

    This is a weird one. Anyone who has played DK64 would know that you can enable cheats in the Mystery menu after you've found all 20 banana fairies. Well, I've found them all and collected the 201st golden banana, but the cheats reward is still unavailable. How do you explain this?
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    PJ64 won't load DexDrive saves...

    I'm trying to load a DexDrive save of Donkey Kong 64 I downloaded from GameFAQs. I read that only N-Rage's input plugin supports DexDrive, so I downloaded version 2.1 rc3 and loaded the DexDrive save as you see in the attached screenshot. Unfornately, this doesn't change anything in the game...
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    Donkey Kong 64 save problem

    I'm experiencing a weird glitch in DK64 where the game can only retain one save file. Originally, my game has NO save files for whatever reason (it may have been corrupted, or I was playing with too many save states), but I have a save state with save files 1 and 3. If I load this save state and...
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    Texture problems in Rare games

    I'm experiencing a number of different texture glitches in certain Rare games. I'm currently playing DK64 and the numbers for the warp pads don't display. Also, the character polygons often stretch severely in a flickering way. Not only is this distracting, but it sometimes causes me to fall out...
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    Requesting Ocarina of Time save file/state...

    Hi. I'd like to know if someone can provide me with a save file or save state in Ocarina of Time after having obtained the Zora's Sapphire, but NOT having travelled through time. Whoever manages this gets +10 coolness points added to their profile. Ta. :)
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    Gah! Need controller plugin with turbofire.

    I'm looking for a way to utilise turbofire in some particularly hairy gaming moments. Does anyone know of a plugin with such a feature?
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    Rush 2049 sound dies on first lap

    Hi. Haven't been here in a while. I got a second-hand PC with a SoundMax Digital Audio card and the latest driver. The sound in all of my ROMs is fine except for Rush 2049. Now I know the music has always been garbled due to emaultion problems, but now the sound dies altogether at certain points...