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    cd images mount help

    Hi! I have very hard problem. None of cd emulation programs works for me :(. I tried Alcohol 120%, Daemon tools and much more but I am always geting eroor while mounting image. I have only 1 game : Doa 2 LE. I kno that chankast won't run it at full speed. Anyway is there any other way to play it...
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    Video for Pkm Stadium2

    Hey! I wanted to play pkm stadium2 but no video plugin I have is good. JaboD3D6 1.5.2: Everything ok but floor goes black and pictures of pokemons are messed. JaboD3D8: Everything great but atack menu is white Direct64: same ar Jabod3d6 Rice video 6.1.1b5: Some frames are showing few times So...
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    GFX problem

    AH I don't want to post "Dolphin has terrible graphic! Do something with it!". I was getting great graphic before I have format my comp. I tried Dolphin and I was very suprised. My first tried game was Naruto 2. As you know if card suppoert shaders you can play a lot. Only problem was speed. Now...
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    Small problem and it make me mad

    I am using Direct64 v0.5.03.25 and I think it emulate OoT graphic the best. Anyway It makes me crazy. Look and screen and help me ;) It is Pj64 issue or plugin issue or graphic card issue ? How to fix it ?
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    PJ64 Zelda OoT problem

    As in the topic. Is there anyway to fix it? I'm using Jabo's Direct3D6 1.5.1 and using the newest drivers to my GFX card. thnx
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    Dolphin test

    I have got something funny for you. I tried dolphin with my old PC. I had Voodoo 2 and look here :happy: There is no graphic card found and it should works great. Ach one more thing. It if good bussines if I will buy Radeon 9600 ?
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    Screens again

    I want to send you some screens. All of them was made on PJ64 v1.5
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    Teaster faster than final ?

    Yes read the title. Teaster is faster than final. Try any game. Zelda ww for example runs about 2-3 fps faster than on final.
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    Slower than slow (?)

    Hi I am new here and I have a problem. When I run any game on Dolphin 1.02 and I want to change any GFX settings The game gets slower (Exg: ZELDA WW normally runs at 2-4 fps. After change try I runs at 0.5-0.6 fps) It is a know issue ? What way to repair it ?