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    What to do with a DAT file?

    I downloaded Djipi's new pack and extracted it. I got a .DAT file.... I need to extract the files from it right? I'm used to getting a folder holding the textures and throwing it in the hires folder, not getting a DAT file. I've never used a DAT file so I have no idea what to do with it lol...

    retexturing the SM64 normal font....

    Hmm, the normal font on SM64 doesn't seem to retexture correctly. It dumps very strange as well... It has 2 upright textures, then 2 that are on their side and backwards... I have the directions correct but they just won't load... Is this a known issue??? If anyone has an answer, I'd...

    N>Help with retexturing bricks,wood,etc.

    Well, is there an easy, but not overfiltered way to get the wood and brick to have nice cel shaded/reallistic look...hmm.. like have "texture" to it but not too much. Sorry if it's wordy, I need a good way to create the texture of wood easily and without over-filtering it. (cause that's cheating...

    teh ~Xiaos~ official paper mario retexturing project

    Time to start: :party:Teh [~Xiaos~] Paper Mario Retexturing Project!!:party: :flowers: Xiaos's Paper Mario v0.1 :flowers: :flowers: Toads patch (08/06/07) :flowers: This pack includes Mario's house (most), Toad Town, and Peach's castle (Most) and The toads~ :D I'm going to be working on...

    there was no pj64 cheats website so i have a "?"

    well, im sure its been asked and i tried googling it, but how exactly are cheats made? i would like to know so i can start making them.. im sure its complicated but if anyone has any info please contact me.. cya, [Xiaos]

    Video card and Oblivion problems

    my friend told me that there's a patch that can allow low rate video cards to play Oblivion without having to get a new videocard. I Have a crappy Intel Chipset family, but its got D3D... is there such a patch, if so where can i get it? thanks

    pj64k 0.13 download

    heres the download for pj64k 0.13... heh

    Boot password problems...

    nevermind...sorry about that I fixed it... cya

    Video converting programs?

    is there any Free non compressing Video converters so i can play AMV's, etc. on my iPod...? heh thanks..
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    what virus scanner software is good

    what would you guys reccomend, because I've got an annoying virus that won't go away.. I use AVGbut it can't find it...
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    about the recording feature..

    it works and all but can you convert them to media files that will play through winamp or windows media player? like convert to a .avi, .mpeg, .wmv, etc. I've tried googling and nothing's come up so.. yeah cya
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    can't connect to some servers on Kaillera...

    I can't seem to connect to a server called emularena grounds {unit X} i used to be able too and my connection is good so anyone know what I could do? also i use PJ64k.. cya
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    color bars.....?

    what are the textures that are scrambled colors (like a tv when it can't get the channel...) purposes? how can you remake them... just use the sharpen tool and hope for the best..? do you need to remake these? anyone have the answer..? kinda need to know XD
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    emulator video recorder program?

    is there a program that can record the video of you playing the game? cuase i wanna show my cousin what I'll do to him since ive been practicing on SSB.. P.S. on PJ64k he's cr1sis and he sucks! you can pwn him easy XD anyway is there such a program?
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    about ATI Radeon 9600xt

    does the ATI Radeon 9600xt support pixel shader 2.0? if not what are the most affordable cards that do?