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    Game Dev/Mod sub forum under Community projects.

    Can we have a section where users can organize game dev/mod projects, this place is abundant with talented programmers and artists. I know a few people on this forum who have their own homebrew games but there is no place to post it. I remember DJIPI's homebrew zelda game he was working on...
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    LOZ Twilight Princess cry engine recreation

    Been a while since I posted here,, hopefully some old faces are still around. Not sure if this is the right place to post this but im trying to recreate Ordon Village from TP in cry engine. The terrain needs a little more adjusting, but im pretty happy with it. I already started modelling...
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    Dolphin hires texture projects subforum.

    I dont believe there is one. Since we can retexture gamecube and wii games I think we should open a new subforum for hires projects. Im working on a gamecube retexture and I would like to post it in the proper section. ~DD
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    Datadaynes Perfect Dark retexture

    News Right now I am working on multiplayer stages. Progress Skedar: Complete Carington Institute: Work in progress Datadyne: Work in progress Chicago: Work in progress Screenshots Trailers Downloads (Im using Artisols video plugin. Note that some of the textures are pretty big) Skedar...
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    SuperSmashBro's 2008

    Edit* If the pack is not working, make sure you are using Mudlords Latest Rice plugin. If the problem still occurs, tick "small texture" in the video settings.
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    SM64 texture errors

    Ok guys, im back, I have retextured the logo behind marios head in this pic, I have aligned the textures properly, im sure. But for some reason, the textures dont fit together correctly, is it a plugin issue or some thing,,, here is the pic. oh ya, and im working on a little something for you...
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    Datadayne's SSBB 64

    Im starting a ssbb stlye ssb. Still in the begining proccess. I have done most of link and all of samus. And Fox's face aswell has been done. The problem with retexturing this game is that most of the characters are models with no textures. So this will be a hard game to tackle. Dont expect me...
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    Taking a retexturing request

    I have alot of free time at the moment. I cant think of a game to retexture, so I decided to take request's. If theres a game you want me to retexture, post it please, I will see what I can do with it. Datadayne
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    Ssb with starfox5194's ssbm textures.

    Here are some pics of ssb with sssbm textures. Anyone can post their ssb pics here but they have to be the starfox5194's ssbm textures. Heres some pics of starfox's ssbm textures. Datadayne
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    High resolution help with gimp

    Ok, so when I retexture I use photoshop and Gimp. I know how to make the texture higher res with photoshop but I dont know how to in gimp. Whoever uses gimp, could you please explaine to me how to make higher res with gimp.
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    datadayne's paper mario style super mario 64

    Everyone, check it out. Someone created a video of my pack. Screenshots:[/color][/size] Castle Courtyard
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    Is it possible to retexture games on other consoles.

    I was just wondering if it was possible to retexture other games from other systemes, like retexturing psx or snes nes dc games. If its possible to retexture n64 games, then why wouldnt it be possible to retexture snes or nes. And how would it work, like is it possible to use the rice video...
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    Please help me retexture bmp files.

    Ok, befor I posted this, I did try to find answers on google and other related forums. But no luck. So how do I get my retextured bmp files (which I converted to png files with a program called imagicon) to load into my games. I know it can be done because in one of the threads, posed by...
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    What should I retexture

    Any suggestions on what game I should retexture. I promise I will try to retexture your ideas.
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    Goodbye super mario 64

    This morning, I was trying to download super mario 64 U because I had codes for the U version. But when I tried to download it, it said "this is ESA protected". I thought the site was going throught some diffuculties, so I went on five other sites, samething. I guess whoever doesnt have super...