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    pci mode wont let emulators run

    hey, i have a problem, and i've searched all over but haven't found any answers, so maybe someone here will know.. somehow, when i switched from my gforce 2 to my new gforce 4, some settings must have gotten screwed up, and when i load project64, i get an error, and the directx diagnostics fail...
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    animal forest translation?

    ok, so i did some searching and i couldnt find a translation of animal crossing/forest/whatever it is in english... does anyone know if there is one, or if one's in development... i could go out and get a gamecube, but i dont have the cash now... so... any help would be great... conkerman
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    e3 games

    i just thought that people might want to know some of the new stuff going on at e3... i cant summarize it all up here, but has a lot of nice videos, pics, and info - even if you're like myself and dont pay them anything. edit: also...
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    NEW NEMU .8 NEMU .8 .8

    new nemu... read lemmy's whole news brief.. conkerman
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    just came from, it appears that their ps2 emu has some news... comment/speculate... conkerman
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    new version of ages (.30a) sega cd/32x/gen/sms it's been a while, but the new version is out. didnt know which forum to post it in, hope this is the right one conkerman
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    1964 0.8.3a patch released to fix some things patch released conkerman
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    1964 .8.3.0 released... thanks rice, schibo, ...others it's there!!!!!!!!!! well, i gotta go test it out, have a safe weekend people and thank u rice, schibo, and the other people who helped (i dont know your names) conkerman
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    next wonderswan - swan crystal - link inside conkerman
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    why do emu's use zilmar spec

    ok, i've been around since when uhle was released, and then nemu, 1964, tr, daedalus, pj64, all of them - and i have had a question on my mind for a while - why do most emu's go by zilmar spec? i know nemu has its own, but the others use zilmar's. i know zilmar has a vast knowledge of n64 and...
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    1964 8.0 pre-release2 (new source, new compile)

    updated source on again, it says on 1964's website that a minor problem was fixed conkerman
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    new 1964 (8.0 source released, unofficial compile)

    0.8.0 prerelease source released, unofficial compile hey people, i was over at today and they mentioned that a new 1964 source was released. since nobody mentioned it here, i thought i would. also, on , they have an unofficial compile, but u still need the old...