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    google never lies?

    if you type "paris hilton isnt a bitch", google dishes out the truth, i wonder if it does it intentionally, but if google says so it must be true :P
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    Lazy Bathroom Break

    [18:39] <Aprentice> i havent used the bathroom in 8 hours, time to stop being lazy.. [18:40] <Sucide> ... [18:40] <Sucide> I never thought of holding it in as lazy... [18:41] <SnPHP> sure it is [18:41] <SnPHP> when you get to the point where you cant be bothered moving, when you really really...
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    Happy Easter!

    To whoever celebrates, Happy Easter! if anyone has any cool gif animations, feel free to post :)
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    The manure farm

    [15:31] <wraggster> damn i feel shit [15:32] <Gill> maybe i should test dolwin... [15:33] * wraggster is now known as retsggarw [15:36] <Aprentice> retsggarw: quit your job at the manure farm then :P [15:36] <Aprentice> then you dont have to feel shit :P [15:36] <retsggarw> all of a sudden well...
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    Peeping Passive

    [21:53] <passive> hmm [21:54] <passive> st patty's day and I'm gonna be watching a 7 month old [21:54] <passive> he sits up, pukes and shits [21:54] <passive> that's about it [21:54] <passive> oh right, he eats too [21:54] <Rjx> your fun will be over when his parents close the blinds..
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    What did you get for x-mas?

    Or what didn't you get? Martins gonna love this thread :P
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    Read what you type before you press enter

    [21:37] <Remote``> i'm absolutely metro [21:37] <Remote``> rather metro then gay [21:37] <Remote``> rather gay then straight :P [21:37] <@Ap|code> well, it was obvious remote :P [21:37] <Remote``> err [21:37] <Remote``> wait :P [21:37] <@Ap|code> lol [21:37] <Remote``> i crank myself up [21:37]...
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    Prositution in #emulation64

    [15:01] * wraggy just had 2 free nintendo DS`s [15:01] <@Gorxon> sell me one [15:01] * Remote`` just had 2 free bj ;p [15:01] <@Gorxon> sell me one [15:01] <wraggy> cant gave the daughter one for xmas
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    Funny DUI Arrest this video clip is hilarious :P
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    SJR's "secret project"

    [18:17] <SJR> my private project is coming on well :) [18:18] <@Aprentice> SJR: so you can have sex with animals in your "private project" now? :P [18:19] <SJR> thats old news [18:19] <mikeshoup> SJR: what is this private project? [18:19] <@Aprentice> thats what i want to know :P [18:19]...
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    Passive's mom is a he!

    [17:57] * Luigi64 had passive's mom last night [17:57] <Luigi64> she was good [17:58] <Aprentice> passive: is your mom hot? :P [17:58] <@passive> nope [17:58] <@passive> he's old [17:58] <Conj|WORK> HAW [17:58] <@passive> err [17:58] <@passive> she [17:58] <@passive> lol [17:58] <Conj|WORK>...
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    vamps bored..

    [17:30] <vampireuk> god im fucking bored [17:33] <Keith|EF> go masterbate [17:34] <vampireuk> good idea [17:34] <vampireuk> brb [17:35] <@Aprentice> that should keep him busy for 5 mins [17:35] <Knuckles`> maybe less .. some time passed [17:41] <vampireuk> right im bored again
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    Buy Swedish Crap

    [19:20] <Aprentice> buy crap in swedish :P [19:21] <@passive> :) [19:21] <Aprentice> i bet martin didnt read the bar before he added it [19:21] <Aprentice> :P [19:21] <@Martin64> lol [19:21] <@Martin64> no that's a sales trick [19:21] <@Martin64> people will click it [19:21] <@Martin64> because...
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    Doing something to eat

    [14:02] <TrotterW> Sorry for the late reply, doing something to eat [14:02] <TrotterW> because the GF is watching the Swedish Big Brother final... sad :P lol [14:02] <^dan^> :/ [14:03] <^dan^> your watching it really ;) [14:03] <^dan^> heh [14:03] <TrotterW> hah, you've rumbled me [14:03]...
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    Gamecubulator 1.0! (April fools 2004)

    Gamecubulator 1.0! Azimer has given us permission to release his very own gamecube emulator! He warns that it may not be compatable with many cards due to the fact he used a very old video card to develop with. This emulator runs 95% of the games out there, but not perfectly. It lacks sound and...