I have problems when trying to dump textures from any game.

- With Jabo, the "texture save" folder creates, with the folder of the game im trying to dump inside, BUT it is empty.

- Rice\Aristotle's\1964 video give me the best results.

On plugins\GFX\texture dump the plugin save some of the textures of the game. But not all of them. This plugin seems to dump only the textures of the stage is running at the moment on the emulator. Is that correct?

- GlideN64 only worked for me one time. And not all the textures were dumped. You can choose the texture dump folder, and usually gives me zero results. Nothing in there.

- PJGlide64 store the dumped textures on plugin\GFX\cache. I try to dump with no result at all.

- Glide64 Final also put the textures on the same folder as PJGlide64 (plugin\GFX\cache), i try to dump and nothing happens.

I have tried Project 64 1.6, 2.3.2 and, with some exceptions. On PJ 1.6 jabo video plugin doesnt let u to dump textures, and also this version doesnt recognises PJGlide64 for me. Also PJGlide64 give me some errors on version, for some reason.

Is there another plugin which dump textures and i can try? I want to dump ALL the textures from a game when loading and not having to dump stage per stage, if possible.

Thanks emutalk.