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    N64 Potential BK Revival?

    Hi all,
    So a few years ago, right before completion, user Loulof Loulovski stopped working on his exceptional BK texture pack. At the time I commented on one of his videos if he wouldn't mind me finishing it if I could. He replied yes, and said that he also had some WIP Summer textures for CCW. I inboxed him my details and promptly forgot about it.

    Skip forward a few years and I was messing around with emulators again and I remembered about finishing the texture pack.
    After going through the labyrinth to access my YT inbox and see if he ever replied, it appears he didn't, and he's deleted all his videos since then.

    But, with full credit to him, since the game is so close to done I'm taking it on myself to finish it.
    Thankfully the last level is CCW so I can re-use a lot of textures but with some small colour/detail changes.
    I'm going to update this thread and keep every outdated post behind spoilers so people can go through it all and this can serve as like a progress diary.

    May 8th 2018 update:

    Made a video showing how I'm going about merging/editing textures if anyone was interested. I've also finished Summer completely, bar 3 textures that need to be made for the interior of Gnawty's house. I've also changed the puzzle transition and witch head game over transition to the 360 versions, so I'm thinking about releasing seasons and other bits and pieces piecemeal, which should help with the pace of progress and updates.

    So unless something horrendous happens, I should have Summer up within the week for people's perusal and feedback.

    Former Posts:

    5th May 2018
    I've already completed 99% of the summer texture placement, literally just looking for spots I've missed and just need to colour change a few textures.
    Fall is at about 60% done placement wise, just doing the tree now and going back and cross-referencing with the Spring placement Loulov initially did to make sure the textures are 100% consistent across all seasons.
    Barely started winter, trying some textures from Freezeezy peak to get the snow/ground covering right.

    Some pictures to show of comparisons of Spring and Summer, and just a note that after literally an hour of trying to figure it out, the bottom of the balcony out front of Nabnuts is the same texture, I think they may just rotate it between seasons.

    Current Screenshots:

    Any feedback/suggestions feel free to hit me up, I'm working on this a fair bit now so there should be some progress every few days.
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    Seems like this project kicks up about once a year or so, hopefully it reaches completion this time.
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