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    Quote Originally Posted by sandrock47 View Post
    Hello Nerrel!
    I took over the manpulation from the beginning and it works!
    It's really awesome.

    I would love to help you finish your job, I am a graphic designer, of course I am far from the best but if you need help and I can help.

    Have you already made other games in HD?
    Really glad you got it to work and are happy with it. This is my first full texture pack; I've done a few small mods before, mainly a gravity suit pack for Other M, but I had no idea what I was doing. I've been learning how to do textures as I go along with this mod.

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    It's nice to see a new, serious attempt at creating a MM high res pack. (as far as I am aware, none of the previous packs were ever completed) especially at this late date: almost 20 years after its initial release. Your style is excellent! I hope that you can keep up with the project for the long haul.

    Good luck.
    When emulation is not enough, walk outside. I've been told it's a very interesting game out there.

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