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    Majora's Mask N64HD Project

    Download- 7/02/18-!iU9FmYRD!zJY_izl1K...9RA24DoZCwgqp8

    This is a new GlideN64 texture pack I've been working on for a few months. My goal is to create a faithful update of the original game to serve as an alternative to Majora's Mask 3D (I was not at all a fan of Nintendo's remake).

    And here are a few direct comparisons with the original (open in new tab):

    I have most of the intro sequence, clock town's outdoor areas, termina field, and the on screen UI done. None of the textures are necessarily final, and there's a lot I plan to revisit once the rest of the game comes together. My goal is to have clock town completely finished within the next month, then I'll complete the UI and move on to the swamp. I expect it will take about a year to complete the whole pack.

    Here is a download of my current progress to try out; be warned, the pack will use up a lot of memory unless "save cache to disk" and "compress cache" are checked. I want to keep the resolution high enough to look sharp at 1080p (the full resolutions I'm working at are high enough for 4k) and without any options other than png there's not much I can do to reduce the file sizes further.

    The screenshots above were using reshade in order to add ambient occlusion to the game; this greatly enhances the visuals, but comes at the cost of disabling framebuffer emulation and giving up some cutscenes. Hopefully in the future it may be possible to find away around this, but if anyone is interested in trying it I've included instructions in the download above.

    Thanks for looking, and be sure to let me know what you think. Any criticism is welcome
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