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    Quote Originally Posted by YDG View Post
    Given that the models are a lot higher quality than the N64 version it can visually be the definitive version of the game, however a lot of design issues still persist with that version (though there's always hope for mods to fix these issues, as some already have been).
    All of the major issues with MM3D have been fixed now, even the song of time saving and the Odolwa and Twinmold fights. The mod author is patching up a few bugs but otherwise is basically done with the game:

    I've done a few textures for it and I'll be adapting the texture pack over once the 64 version is done. A lot of things will have to be redrawn from scratch or heavily reworked to fit in, but about 50% of the textures seem like they can be ported without much trouble. Some people on Discord have already ported some things over, like the shield texture (the sky is a new texture from scratch):

    Citra unfortunately can't run ReShade with depth effects due to the way its depth buffer works, but GlideN64 is now fully compatible with it if you download the latest WIP build and turn on "copy depth to main buffer" in the framebuffer tab. You also need this special version of ReShade for the time being.

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