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    Thanks for such a detailed response! Yeah, I'm using the latest version of GlideN64, so that explains the logo issue. Glad to see the mask icons have been improved! As for the font on the buttons, it makes sense to me now that there won't be a perfect match. Some of my feedback was just thoughts I wanted to throw out there for possible consideration and wasn't necessarily downright criticism. In any case, I'd have to see the other options in-game, but I will say the current one is actually a fairly good match, all things considered. It kind of has the same energy to it. As for Link, I suppose my nostalgia just gets the best of me sometimes! Looking at it realistically, I think your second draft of his eyes is looking really good. It looks much more natural than both the first draft and his original, alien-like eyes while still resembling the original. Your point about it being too difficult to replicate from the original makes sense, and I agree there's no way his alien-looking face was their original intention. Concerning Link's clothing, I'll definitely have to wait until the retextures are completely done to decide, but I'm mostly concerned because I feel that the 3DS version of link, with his bright colors, gives a drastically different impression than the N64 Link did. For me, how happy I am with it will probably depend on how close it ends up to the 3DS version's Link. As I mentioned before, I think that the in-game 64 Link and the concept art took two very different directions, and, being as biased as I am to the original, I prefer the somewhat darker colors and brass Deku pipes. In my personal opinion, the darker colors better complement the game, but everything is completely subjective, and I understand that. Like I said, though, I'll definitely have to see the final product before I can say which I prefer. It's obvious you have everything well thought-out, and I can't think of anyone better for this awesome task. Finally, just a thought, although it's definitely an afterthought at this stage of development, but perhaps there could be an optional version of the pack with more faithful textures for link's tunic, boots, straps, gloves, etc?

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