One thing that surprises me is just how quickly you work (from my outside-looking-in perspective, anyway). So many of your surface textures are just gorgeous. Is all of this just a hobby, or are you a paid graphics artist as well?

My only dislike so far of all the review images you have shown comes with this last set:

While high quality like all of your work, the inner square is such that it looks less like a flat surface and more 3D as if you could trip over them. Maybe this was your intention, but for me it looks out of place relative to the many other tile sets that you have created.

Not hating by any means, though!

Side note: As much as I love the OOT Community Project and all of the great work that many people put into it, I would love to see you eventually add your flare, hopefully leading it to completion. (Then again, I would love to see you do all of OOT from scratch since it uses many of the same textures as MM, but I know how unrealistic that probably is.)

Nonetheless, just seeing these updates makes my day... and I haven't even gotten around to playing it yet to look even more closely.