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    Help with .HTC Djipi Texture Pack w/ PJ64 2.3.2

    EDIT: SOLVED. I... feel really, really stupid now. I didn't realize that GlideN64 was different from both Glide64 Final and Glide64 for PJ64.

    For all who are having issues with Djipi's .HTC texture packs, you must use GlideN64, NOT Glide64 Final or Glide64 for PJ64.

    THERE ARE THREE DIFFERENT GLIDES. USE PROPER ONE. Took me a full day to figure out I was using the wrong two for this pack. Hopefully this post will aid others with their confusion.

    All that Djipi has for instructions are OOT Cel Pack for PJ64 : Use GlideN64 and pj64 2.3 and everythings work well. YOU MUST PUT IT ON : your PJ64 folder/Plugin/GFX/cache. DON'T FORGET TO REMOVE [CELDA] before the name of the pack.

    I made a Cache folder in /Plugin/GFX and put his .HTC within it, then removed the [CELDA] portion.
    I configured Project64 2.3.2 to use the Glide64 for Project64 by default.
    Enabled texture enhancement. Enabled Rice Format, Alt CRC, Full Alpha, Compress Texture Cache.
    Ran game.

    Plugin did not load the textures.

    Spent hours checking this forum for solutions. No tutorial I could find offered help with Djipi HTC files, only DAT. Either Djipi forgot to mention some steps, or I'm missing something obvious. Also, this is a CLEAN install of PJ64 2.3.2 specifically for this issue.
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    Glad you got it sorted!

    Our resident texture pack guru is Nes_Player.
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    Way to thow me under the bus there @Danny

    I'm glad the op managed to get the pack running.

    Most issues can be solved if members would read the release threads.
    We are in the process of archiving all qualifying texture packs!
    Contact me via PM to have your N64 texture pack hosted on!
    Having a hard time loading Large packs? Be sure to patch your emulator.
    Can't load .DAT or .HTC archives? Look no further then this shiny Tutorial, Android users may use this Tutorial.


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