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    I just ran across something unusual. On the screen that is the entrance to the market, there are at least four textures for the bottom left corner piece during the day. Even though they are all identical, they switch back and forth depending on Link's position. *scratches head*


    On a different note, my reason for returning to this topic two weeks ago is that I found a few textures I created but forgot to release. I got sidetracked with MajoraAKC's interesting discovery . Hopefully I will release the textures today or tomorrow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheezer View Post
    But it still won't load the "ocarina of time" text. Just Legend of Zelda. This is very confusing and frustrating! I'd rather use Glide because it fixes the problem with the moon, but either plugin I use has the problem with the title screen text. Very strange and unfortunate.
    File structure might be the issue here: Confirmed

    move THE LEGEND OF ZELDA#6B0DEDE8#4#1_all.png out of THE LEGEND OF ZELDA\Main Menu\Text\English\ and place it in THE LEGEND OF ZELDA\Main Menu\Logo\Text tiles\

    the ALL and RGB need to be in the same directory.

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