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    What version of PJ64 are you using?
    What Plugin are you using and what revision is it?
    Do you have the latest RDB file?
    Do you have the {Pause emulator when not active} option checked?
    We are in the process of archiving all qualifying texture packs!
    Contact me via PM to have your N64 texture pack hosted on!
    Having a hard time loading Large packs? Be sure to patch your emulator.
    Can't load .DAT files? Look no further then this shiny Tutorial.

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    I have 3 versions, and all 3 crash when changing video options. I'm using rice video 0.1. I'm assuming that I have the latest RDB file version at least. And I do have the {Pause emulator when not active} option checked. I know I'm being a pain in the ass, but I have been entertaining the idea of returning to my old pack, and maybe starting it up again.
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    Try right clicking and running as Admin. It solved my crashes in PJ64 back in the 1.6 days.

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