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    I started merging stuff over. Kept SSE, of course. Updating is rather straightforward; there's a wrapper included for dx8 and dx9. I've missed A LOT of cleaning, nice work deathdroid!

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    Quote Originally Posted by weinerschnitzel View Post
    Hi Naraan! I'm interested in your adventures with Rice Video. You mention that the Color Combiner is a little wacky. Would you say the same for the DX pixel shader combiner? I always thought it was rather powerful. I'd love to see some details on your work with RV OGL, and if there are any improvements that can be brought back to the DX side.
    Hi weinerschnitzel, as I never seen the DX pixel shader combiner I don't know if it's better or not. The fact I see "Pixel shader" mean it should be more modern and certainly more accurate but I never test. I'm not sure any OGL improvement could be put on the DX side unfortunately.

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    Woah being away for a few weeks has made me miss a bit >.<
    The original color combiner in reality was just a complicated way of achieving the same thing the pixel shaders are much easily able to handle.
    Will have to give myself some proper time to read and reply to everything since i dont quite have the time at the moment.
    @gitech wowwwwwwwww its been such a long time since weve talked Glad to see you back around in the scene again, these problems that your having seem to be cropping up in a few different games. If you could take save games near when that happen it will sure help me work out how or if it is possible to fix them.

    @Everyone New version now available, it contains a few fixes here and there, fixes some weird graphical glitches, should improve general stability. Also should render some more things than previous version. Plugin still has a long way to go but will hopefully get there one day.

    Latest version available is 0.3
    Available for download here:

    NOTE: Sorry for the half assed replys, its like 1am here so kind of just barely functioning
    If you appreciate some of the work I do, all donations are greatly appreciated

    System Specs: CPU: AMD FX 8350 4.0ghz 8-core, RAM: 2 x 8gb Corsair Vengeance DDR3, GPU: AMD Radeon 7770 GHz edition, System Drive: 120gb Samsung Evo SSD

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