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    The 2nd version of my RSP hack that I published in post#358 appears to fix Stunt Racer 64, too. Stunt Racer 64 has the same ucode, or at least very resembling one. Good news! 3D is much better this time. I haven't tested much but the game appears to be close to playability. Geometry is perfect, while textures get distorted, but not too often.
    Use just the same settings and plugins (see post#358), but this time use Project 64 1.5 as an emulator. In fact it runs both in 1.4 and 1.5, but I still advise 1.5. In contrast to WDC, Stunt Racer won't boot in Project64 1.6 (even with interpreter CPU).
    Don't use my RSP with games other than these two. This plugin contains game-specific hacks, and other games will probably crash, sooner or later. Also I strongly advise you to backup your previous RSP.DLL.

    Arghh...Emutalk still refuses to attach. Maybe Emutalk is against game-specific hacks?
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