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    Dump textures from (not N64 emulated) games?

    I came across the GLIntercept tool at I wonder if there is a similar tool for DirectX.

    When playing a new 3D game on PC, someone could use such tools to intercept/save/(steal)/dump textures used by the game, and such textures from these new games could be used directly/indirectly into the N64 game retexture project.

    - Rice

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    tried it real quick using your plugin and 1964 and it works very good. It dumps everything in an "Images" folder. the .txt log file gets big very quick... i let it run to the selection menu in Zelda and the log file was 34 MB...

    this could indeed be good to rip textures from newer games and puting them in N64 games. although i doubt thats its "legal"...nway
    nice find Rice
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    not a bad idea rice, sorry to resurect the topic but it sounds like a rather feasible idea, ill toy with it some
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    Great find.

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    Just remember to keep anything you do with it on the down-low. Companies seem to have a real problem with stuff being taken out of their game and handed out. I think it has less to do with it being their property though and more to do with them not wanting people to have fun with other things and not buy their games.

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