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    Quote Originally Posted by knowitman
    If Chankast requires a 1.6 Ghx CPU and uses almost no resources from your gfx card how will it run on XBox?
    just to note.... the CPU can be upgraded

    DC emulation is possible on the xbox, but i highly doubt it'll be at a fully playable rate, and that is only if chankast goes open-source

    it's quite unlikely at present...

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    About as likely as Saturn playable on DC. In other words, no, DC will not be playable (playable fps) on a stock Xbox, ever.

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    lol, actually there is a project for emulating the saturn on the dreamcast and it can run the bios but no games, so its kind of pointless. if you dont believe me check it out. Its called YabuseDC A dreamcast emulator on the XBOX is possible, but like YabuseDC, it would only run the bios. (and be slow as hell). so basically what your saying about its like a saturn emu on the dreamcast is true.
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