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July 5th, 2002, 16:04
Just a quick note to point all programmers to this thread:


where we're discussing about a possible solution to emulate correctly Evangelion 64 and Resident Evil 2.

Some screenshots are available too!

There's also a 27-pages thread at Emuita's forum (all in Italian). Find a link to it in the thread above.

July 21st, 2002, 21:49
I wonder if anyone could help to eliminate those issues.

July 22nd, 2002, 06:18

It is a plugin issue, not much to do with PJ64's memory access worning. It needs more 2D sprite supporting.

It is supported better now, but still need better combiner/blender support, so just wait for the next release.

btw, is this a great game to catch so much attention?

July 22nd, 2002, 06:19

July 22nd, 2002, 06:20

July 22nd, 2002, 06:21

July 22nd, 2002, 06:22

July 22nd, 2002, 06:22

July 22nd, 2002, 06:23
pic7, the last one.

July 22nd, 2002, 11:05
ive never played the game b4, but im guessin people might wanna play the game because they like the anime the game is based upon

July 22nd, 2002, 11:29
┐Plugin? Don't you meant Unemulated Memory?

July 22nd, 2002, 12:15
Neoak, that memory is PI_BSD_DOM1_PWD_REG, it is usually not used in games, so PJ64 gives you a warning and do nothing special with it, but it is emulated. 1964 just doesn't give warning. It could be used by some de/compression algorithms (read from / write to it, just like a piece of regular memory, who cares), but the problem is still with plugin because plugins do not support some of the ucodes.

These ucodes are supported now in my unofficial D3D, so this game is running better.

July 22nd, 2002, 14:45
Rice, I'm *STUNNED* at seeing those pics, since me and half of the people on my N64 message board have spent around one year waiting for that game to be correctly emulated!!!

Should we just wait for your next plugin release or does it also need the forthcoming 0.8.4 of 1964? ...or could we use it on 0.8.3c ?

PS: yes, it's a long awaited game since it's MUCH similar to the anime it's based upon. AFAIK it replicates the whole TV-series, also including a few unreleased FMVs

July 22nd, 2002, 18:05
The main reason of the great request about that game is to be referred to two things: the first is the abnormous success of the original manga/anime, the game folllows the entire series plus the unreleased (at least here in Italy) film, so the army of fans out there loves that ROM; the second is probably the graphics and the fact that the gameplay changes in almost every mission.
There is also another convinction that if this game is emulated, also RE2 will be, but I on't know if this is true or false.
This is enough, in my opinion.

July 22nd, 2002, 19:57
resident evil 2 is sorta emulated, try it out on pj64 with jabo's 1.4 (or other emus) and the game works but isnt yet playable. u get access to the title screen, but ingame only the characters look ok. anyway, the fmvs simply dont work yet, but that doesnt stop the game from working. if NeonGenesisEVangeleon is emulated (as shown above) theres nothing to say that the fmvs dont work at all.

July 22nd, 2002, 20:31
Since the technology of Resident Evil is "3D model in a 2D pre-rendered environment", probably the fondals aren't visible for a similar (if not the same) problem. I don't know what's with the FMVs, sinche I only looked at the first zones and then returned to the PC version ^^

July 22nd, 2002, 22:23
yeh, but as rice said, the 2d issue is just to do with the plugin's handling of 2d and im guessing in the case of RE2 the ucode. plus, as far as im aware, none of the authors hav focused on it too much, so its quite understandable that such gfx issues exist. if neon genesis evangeleon has the same ucode as re2, then yeh it would fix things.

July 22nd, 2002, 23:19
Well done Rice.. someone finally cared enough to get that working ;)

July 27th, 2002, 13:15
Yeah Rice, I hope you'll keep working on RE2 too, and btw when will 1964 0.8.4 be released?
I can't wait any longer :cry:

July 27th, 2002, 14:57
As usual, it'll be out when it's ready!!!
Btw, I'm impatient too, but I'm just drinkin' less coffee to calm down ^_--

Mirco Muck
August 16th, 2002, 12:57
Its great to see how N64 Emulation evolves.
Thanks to you Rice!

September 1st, 2002, 01:17
With jabo's 1.5 release evangelion is emulated perfect and the 2D stuff is displayed correctly.Rice are these shots from 1964's opengl plugin?If yes i guess that with the 084 release we must wait a newer version of gfx plugin.Btw i'm raring with the last release of jabo.

September 1st, 2002, 12:16
Wrong, StonedConker, jabo emulates EVA64 ALMOST perfectly. There are still problems in the tile reversing process (when displaying symmetric images, the ROM simply takes the first half and inverts it to create the missin' part. Unfortunately the plugin doesn't do this: it simply shows the tiles as they're stored in the game. This causes various gameplay problems, for example in missions 4, 5 and 9, when the reversed tiles determine the direction u must press to complete the stage, so the game is unplayable. The only way to pass through these problems is to switch to the Unofficial CoolDaedalus 0.08
Yeah, the 2D stuff is displayed, but there is still something wrong.

September 1st, 2002, 12:21
Evrain, do you mean the arrows are pointing the opposite way to which they are supposed to?

If so, then why not just press the opposite direction every time.

September 1st, 2002, 14:14
That's not the point. The tiles indicate both the right and the wrong direction, so u can't simply reverse the intruction on video. There's a 50% of possibilities that the displayed direction could be the right one. It's a plugin issue, absent in CoolDaedalus 0.08
Apart from being a graphic issue, is also a gameplay one.

September 1st, 2002, 14:18
Ok... I thought you meant that every single one was inversed, which would have meant that the opposite direction would have always been the correct one.

Of course if sometimes it is correct, and sometimes it isn't all I can suggest is doing as you are now, and using CoolDaedauls 0.08 or perhaps state saving before you get to one of those sections, so you can try both directions? Sorry never played the game, so I don't know just how extensive this problem is.

September 1st, 2002, 14:44
I've written an emulation guide (in Italian) for this game, and I prefer switchin' to coolDaedalus, 'cuz the problem is too complicated to be resolved by state saving, both because sometimes the direction isn't simply left or right, but all the eight directions of the Analog Stick, and because the direction is casual: it changes one instant before u must press it. There is another big graphic issue too, but it's complicated to explain.

September 4th, 2002, 18:45
Well, I don't know if any of you guys noticed, but there's still another issue that happens in both plogins, jabo's 1.5 AND daedalus. If you complete the game in the HARD difficulty, you gain access to a special Option menu where you can replay all the actions in the game. After action 88, the game just crashes, and I have no idea why. Someone have a clue?

September 4th, 2002, 20:09
It didn't crash for me.

September 4th, 2002, 22:36
Well, I've been checking it again, and I believe it may be I have a corrupt ROM set. :( Could anyone please tell me the CRCs for the corrected set that doesn't crash?

September 10th, 2002, 17:04
looks like the rom is bad, because of the crack applied to it.

The emu tries to write and load and R4300 address: 80000* (*= 0 to F).

Just try it with the 1.4 debbuger on (The 1.5 plugins WILL work!)

September 10th, 2002, 17:36
Hmmm... and I thought my ROM was a pure set... well, so the only solution is to repatch the set or get my hands on an original dump. What did that crack do anyway? It's only one damn animation :/