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June 1st, 2012, 20:38
Super Mario Galaxy 1 (CLOSED)
New thread at Dolphin Forums (https://forums.dolphin-emu.org/Thread-super-mario-galaxy-1-hd-texture-mod).

I stopped working on this because i'm busy IRL (and i dont have the time to retexture stuff) however i managed to find a dude to take over the project.

As a result i had the original thread at Dolphin forums closed and he created a new one. You'll find in his thread everything i did (he even fixed lots of my textures that were bugged) and so much more (he added lots of new stuff). Never talked to him about EmuTalk and this thread but i will and decide then what to do.

1. Screenshots

http://thumbnails17.imagebam.com/19632/8bf614196312552.jpg (http://muthur.site90.com/SMG/smg001o.png) http://thumbnails70.imagebam.com/19632/a14ae5196312501.jpg (http://muthur.site90.com/SMG/smg001n.png)
http://thumbnails46.imagebam.com/19338/390ba8193375504.jpg (http://muthur.site90.com/SMG/smg002o.png) http://thumbnails38.imagebam.com/19338/081943193375469.jpg (http://muthur.site90.com/SMG/smg002n.png)
http://thumbnails43.imagebam.com/19632/0b7765196313244.jpg (http://muthur.site90.com/SMG/smg008o.png) http://thumbnails66.imagebam.com/19632/223cae196313448.jpg (http://muthur.site90.com/SMG/smg008n.png)
http://thumbnails110.imagebam.com/36825/f33751368247981.jpg (http://muthur.site90.com/goodies/Mario01.png)

2. Configuration

Accuracy: Safe in Graphics->Hacks->Texture Cache.

3. Info
The pack is split into two distinct parts:

The HUD - contains HUD elements, particles, Mario's base skin and a few shaped elements: flowers, plants, grates, etc.
World (20% done) - Textures for trees, buildings, planets, etc. Downsized to 1024x1024 from the original 4096x4096.

4. Download Links

HUD - 92.9 MB
Version 1.0 (Dec 3rd 2014).

[url=]HUD EU (RMGP01) (]HUD NA (RMGE01)[/url)

World Textures - 301.6 MB (~ 20% complete)
Version 1.0. (Dec 3rd 2014)

World NA (RMGE01) (https://mega.co.nz/#!qVIiybSS!SspET5grG6zLWfsEas6h-Hpxc042YrIMYl5miuBIui4)
World EU (RMGP01) (https://mega.co.nz/#!bRxzXZqK!WXVU_912uwLmU_-TmZJFHR3Cw3aU3G8rOOi4VVuSmi4)

5. Update 1 (TBR before Christmas 2014) screenshots

http://muthur.site90.com/SMG/SMG1ShatteredScreen1.jpg (http://muthur.site90.com/SMG/SMG1ShatteredScreen1.jpg)
http://muthur.site90.com/SMG/SMG1ShatteredScreen2.jpg (http://muthur.site90.com/SMG/SMG1ShatteredScreen2.jpg)

6. Debug
The HUD contains an enhanced version of Mario's default suit that has a visual artifact. I tried pinpointing the origin of the crack on Mario's back but nothing. If someone wants to mess around with the texture and fix it, let me know and i'll give you the credits. Meanwhile i placed that texture in a separate folder within the main folder so you can find it with ease and remove it. This is the "crack" i'm talking about.

http://thumbnails109.imagebam.com/36861/56e578368601912.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/56e578368601912)
Can you say... brokeback Mario?

7. Merry Christmas!
Here are the links to the Super Paper Mario HD project i started 2 years ago (but never released). More info in the spoiler tag!
Version 1.0 (Dec 9rd 2014) - aprox 76 MB

NA version (R8PE01) (https://mega.co.nz/#!LZAVAZjL!euf_OYJ58H4p1rMMi4EGl0vW_P3_f 6TvjrjFvQnG8Ew)
EU version (R8PP01) (https://mega.co.nz/#!XQIxGKgY!nW2rFhNs7gV9Xf2-q18w20j3RBABX27aIleIZk_gK50)


Pack contains a remade HUD (8 times the original size and as CLOSE as possible to the original) and few other in game textures.
I only intended to retexture the HUD (the fact i also retextured few other stuff is a bonus) because IMO the game looks awesome when you crank up the internal resolution and the antialiasing except the HUD (which looks pretty blurry). This pack should make the game extremely enjoyable when played at extremely high resolutions.
2. Configuration

EFB copies : Texture
Texture Cache Accuracy: Fast

Screenshots - the files you see in these 2 mockups are retextured and appear as such in game

http://muthur.site90.com/SPM/SPMlogo2sd.jpg (http://muthur.site90.com/SPM/SPMlogo2)
http://muthur.site90.com/SPM/SPMlogo1sd.jpg (http://muthur.site90.com/SPM/SPMlogo1.jpg)
http://muthur.site90.com/SPM/spm7.jpg (http://muthur.site90.com/SPM/spm7.jpg)
http://muthur.site90.com/SPM/spm8.jpg (http://muthur.site90.com/SPM/spm8.jpg)
http://muthur.site90.com/SPM/spm2.jpg (http://muthur.site90.com/SPM/spm2.jpg)
http://muthur.site90.com/SPM/spm6.jpg (http://muthur.site90.com/SPM/spm6.jpg)


June 2nd, 2012, 16:36
Wow! Looking good.
SMG 1/2 are both already great HD like looking, but your good textures improve the overall quality of the game!
Keep doing it and consider upload your textures to the ET servers, so they won't get missing and/or deleted.

June 2nd, 2012, 20:31
I like the hud. The grass texture looks flatter though.

Keep it coming.

June 3rd, 2012, 05:32
Updated the OP!

Initial post June 3rd, 2012, 05:32

I added a preview of the first update (the textures i did yesterday and today), the links are in the OP. I haven't had much time to test them and i'll be gone for a week.

I had some HDD surprises in the past so i do regular backups. I am backing up the projects, since most of the time i am working at double the size of the textures in the pack... maybe i'll re-release the pack 10 years from now with textures up to 16x the original (i'm referring to the HUD). :))

This month i'm gonna be a bit busy so i won't have any time to work on the pack but i hope to finish the complete HUD in the first week of july. That's when i'll be able to retexture the HUD for SMG2 as well since the two share textures.

June 28th, 2012, 08:01
Nice work raz, those new screens are looking good. True to the original textures.

December 11th, 2014, 15:20
Repacked the files (added new ones as well) and will release an update in a week or two, before Christmas anyway.