View Full Version : OoT Problem

December 6th, 2006, 23:13
Well, i post here cause my OoT looks like this

Ion Dune
December 7th, 2006, 00:15
What texture pack are you using? We can't help you if you don't tell us.

December 7th, 2006, 14:14
I'm using Djipi's Cel Zelda MOD

December 7th, 2006, 18:28
Problem exists when using below minimum requirements hardware. Possibly nothing you can do if that is the case other than a graphics card upgrade. A much less likely cause is that you are using an outdated driver.

December 8th, 2006, 02:13
The case is that if i use opengl 1.1 link clothes appear white but if i use opengl 1.2/1.3 link clothes are normal but the game runs slowly. Is it possible to solve?
PD: ( excuse my poor english ( I'm spanish ) :(