View Full Version : Problems trying to see my re-done textures in game.

January 29th, 2006, 22:24
Alright, I have a bit of a problem. I want to try doing a few textures in mario 64. At first I tried using the regular 6.1.1 hirez plugin, and using the dumping option. Everything went fine. I figured out that there might be 2 or 3 images that would need to be edited before anything will show up. I tried doing a simple texture, the bridge going over the moat outside the castle. All it needed was the *_all.png and *.rgb.png files edited. I did both of them. I restarted the game, with only those two edited textures in the hires directory, and the emulator showed that they were loading. took two seconds. But when I got to the actual bridge going over the moat, it was the original texture!

I tried comparing the filenames to my two edited textures to the filenames of Cloudscapes' textures. his CRC32 code was different. WTF.

So I thought maybe he was using the debug version. I tried the debug version, and I have no idea how to work it.

Can anyone help me...?

January 30th, 2006, 05:18
Are they in 32 bit .png format?

January 30th, 2006, 05:28
Don;t mean to leech off the topic, but I'm being thwarted at same obstacle.

Is there a thread which explains CRC32's in detail? are they like addresses?

January 30th, 2006, 09:22
The images must be proportional to the originals at 2-4x. Aside from that all I can suggest is to try pinpoint what you're messing up. So open the image you want to edit, scribble over it or whatever, flatten the layers, and then save it and load it into the game. That should work and from there you can try upping the size etc.

Good luck.

January 30th, 2006, 13:53
You must also have an alpha layer on the redone texture.