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October 11th, 2005, 09:48
[Xe] Changed all module references to machine references.
[Xe] Changed all Fix references to Custom references.
[Xe] Fixed expand aspect calculation bug from overscan emulation.
[PC Engine / Super Grafx] implemented CPU IRQ stall.
[PC Engine / Super Grafx] implemented 10 MHz dot clock (512xH).
[PC Engine / Super Grafx] fixed IRQ controller.
[PC Engine / Super Grafx] fixed raster IRQ 1 line offset.
[PC Engine / Super Grafx] fixed VRAM access.
[Mega Drive] implemented interlace mode (Wx448).
[Super Famicom] implemented hi-res mode (512xH).
[Super Famicom] implemented pseudo 512 mode (512xH).
[Super Famicom] implemented interlace mode (512x448 & 512x478).
[Super Famicom] faster blending algorithm.
[Super Famicom] fixed 1/2 fixed color blending.
[Super Famicom] fixed mul/div trigger.
[Super Famicom] fixed a few SPC700 opcodes.
[Super Famicom] fixed sprite scroll bug from overscan emulation.
[Neo Geo] Changed neogeo.ram neogeo.mc1.